Charter of the International Parliamentarians' Association for Information Technology

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Chapter 1 – General Provisions

Article 1 – (Name)
This organization shall be named the International Parliamentarians’ Association for Information Technology (hereby IPAIT).

Article 2 – (Purpose)
IPAIT’s main purpose shall be to support the development of information technology at the parliamentarian level as well as to achieve a balanced development of information technology and sharing of information among all countries around the world by promoting international exchange and cooperation among parliamentarians.

Chapter 2 – Membership

Article 3 – (Composition)
Membership of IPAIT shall be composed of parliamentarians from their respective National Parliaments. Each Parliament shall designate an official national chapter to bring more participation and continuity to the activities of IPAIT.

Article 4 – (Membership)
1. Countries with representation in the 2002 Inaugural General Assembly are the founder members of IPAIT.
2. Any new applicant for membership shall submit the candidacy to the Secretariat of the country hosting the next General Assembly, 60 days before the next General Assembly and the Secretariat shall notify about such candidacy to all Members of IPAIT.
3. Any new member shall be admitted to IPAIT upon the approval of the General Assembly.

Article 5 – (Observer)
1. IT-related international organizations such as UN system agencies or government agencies of member countries approved by the respective members may participate in the meetings of IPAIT as observers with the permission of IPAIT.
2. With the permission of IPAIT, the observer may speak at the meetings of IPAIT.

Chapter 3 – General Assembly

Article 6 – (Composition of the General Assembly)
1. The General Assembly shall be composed of delegations from Member Countries.
2. Each Member Country may dispatch up to ten parliamentarians as delegates to the General Assembly.

Article 7 – (General Assembly)
The General Assembly shall be held once a year. The place and date shall be decided at the preceding General Assembly with the rotation between continents taken into consideration.

Article 8 – (Decisions of the General Assembly)
1. Decisions of the General Assembly shall be made by consensus. However, if any National Delegation objects, the decision shall be taken by a majority vote of the members present.
2. Each Member Country is entitled to a single vote.

Article 9 – (Rules and Regulations)
The General Assembly will adopt rules and regulations for IPAIT and standing orders for its proceedings.

Chapter 4 – Office Holders and Committees

Article 10 – (Presidency)
1. The President of IPAIT shall be elected by the General Assembly with the recommendation of the hosting country.
2. The President shall represent IPAIT and preside over the General Assembly.
3. In the event of the President’s resignation, death, or other reasons disabling the President from carrying out his/her duties, a parliamentarian appointed by the parliament to which the President pertains becomes the temporary President. In this case, the temporary President shall notify such to all Member Countries.

Article 11 – (Vice-Presidency)
The Vice-President shall be elected by the General Assembly with the recommendation of the Member Country hosting the next General Assembly.

Article 12 – (Terms of Presidency and Vice-Presidency)
The terms of the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency shall be from the day of his/her election to the election of the President and the Vice-President, respectively.

Article 13 – (Committees)
1. The General Assembly shall establish a Steering Committee and such other committees deemed necessary
2. The term of the Steering Committee shall be from the day of the election to the election of a new committee at the next General Assembly.

Chapter 5 – Secretariat

Article 14 – (Central Secretariat)
1. The Secretariat which the President represents shall be the Central Secretariat.
2. The Central Secretariat shall carry out duties including the preparation of reports for the implementation of decisions such as adopted resolutions, storage of such documents, drawing up the proceedings of the General Assembly, writing out documents and operating as the center of information and communication.

Article 15 – (Secretariat)
All member countries shall establish or designate a Secretariat for the facilitation of communication and cooperation among the Member Countries.

Chapter 6 – Expenses

Article 16 – (Expenses)
1.The expenses for hosting the General Assembly shall be borne by the host parliament.
2. Expenses of participation, such as airfares and accommodation fees, shall be borne by the participating parliaments.

Chapter 7 – Official Language

Article 17 – (Official Languages)
The official languages of IPAIT shall be English and the official language of the host country, and all documents shall be drawn up in the official languages. The official languages where deemed appropriate shall be used in the creation of web pages on the official website of each National Parliament. However, in the event where the interpretation and meaning are different, the English interpretation and meaning shall be taken into consideration.

Chapter 8 – Amendments

Article 18 – Amendments
The Charter may be amended only by the majority of the vote cast and two thirds of the members participating in the General Assembly must be present at the time of voting.